Saturday, October 02, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 25 - Baggage


What would you find in my handbag?

What I carry from day to day

x iPhone
x Blackberry (for work)
x Purse with Hiroshima Hello Kitty "phone" charm.
x Keys with Harrods key ring (it opens to reveal a mirror and a space for a photo)
x Lipstick (Girl about Town by MAC)
x Cigarette case holding photography cards, bobby pins, hair ties, chewing gum, & often a piece of jewellery.

Not pictured: Canon EOS 550D, work ID card, work keys, atomiser of perfume (at the moment filled with Marc Jacobs Grapefruit), lip balm, and a pen.

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  1. Girl about Town by MAC is one of my favourites!!! This blog is super cute, thanks for stopping by my blog also. I love new visitors xx