Sunday, November 07, 2010

Week Forty-Five

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Asparagus is back in season
Asparagus is back in season! I'm thrilled.

Monday: Raspberry Filofax
Work work work ... and my Raspberry filofax.

Tuesday: Golden Hour
I closed my eyes as we left the house in the grey dawn and when I opened them again? golden hour was in force. Amazing.

Wednesday: Bee and Beehive
Bee and the Beehive.

Thursday: Pantone Pens
I loved these Pantone pens. I wanted to buy so so many of them.
But really, what would I use them for?

Friday: Amethyst Plugs by NinjaFlower
A rough-faced amethyst plug made especially for me. I love it. I love ninjaflower.

Saturday: Classy Stripper Shoes
My new shoes from Jeffrey Campbell arrived!
They are beautiful and comfortable and ... too too tall. They remind me of classy stripper shoes.



I accidentally deleted the self-portrait for this week.
Yes I am very annoyed.

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