Monday, February 14, 2011

Just another manic Monday

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Sometimes it's a Monday & the weather is grey & you didn't sleep well & everything feels like it's going just a bit wrong.
Sometimes it's valentines day & your sweetheart decides to go rockclimbing instead.
Sometimes you leave your damn keys at home.

But then sometimes your valentine walks half an hour out of his way to drop his key off to you, he sends you lyrics to a romantic song*, you have healthy frozen food and wine at home so you don't have to cook, and you have pretty new shoes.

Then, suddenly life doesn't seem that annoying after all.

* Not like the time he told you that your song was Whole Lotta Rosie. He did not realise it was about how large this lovely Rosie was. And he was very embarrassed. So naturally, I bring it up a lot. So funny. He's adorable.

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  1. lovely post :) i agree, when little things annoy me, i just step back and look at what i already have

    F. ( x