Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: caterpillar at rehearsal
We finally started rehearsing outside - currently our audience is only the caterpillars.

Monday: Crown Lynn Poster
The beginning of a long day at the beginning of a long week. But I love these posters for the Crown Lynn exhibition.

Tuesday: Pizza before rehearsal
Stopping for pizza at the Lifeboat before heading to rehearsal.

Wednesday: Should really throw this out
I really should throw this out. A cheap Corona lei because we bought some shots. But it amuses me.

Thursday: C and the Light Box
I designed the lantern to send for a friend's wedding in Japan, and Craig used his lightbox to transfer it on to the fancy paper.

Friday: Wellington Sevens
It was the first day of the Wellington Sevens. We watched the costumed drunks from our office window and I was amused that even the supermarket was trying to cash in. Later that night I saw a group of (very drunk) men dressed as Teeth.

Saturday: Mural at the School
An all day workshop for Much Ado. I was hung over and ran lines while the rest rehearsed Act 5 (I'm not even in Act 5).


swoopy fringe

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