Sunday, May 01, 2011

365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: shops were shut and the weather was horrid
Easter Sunday - the shops were shut and the heavens opened so Craig and I cloistered ourselves inside Park Place.
I never like being inside for 24 full hours so I stepped outside between showers to take this photo.

Monday: another day off - I listed clothes on Trademe
Another holiday - I spent a good portion of it listing clothes on Trade Me.

Tuesday: a recent magazine at the Chippie
A recent (June 2007) magazine at the Chippie.

Wednesday: Finally got to see my tattoo drawing!
After work I made my way across town to see what Gill, my tattoo artist, had come up with.
I love love love what he's done.

Thursday: leftover ANZAC wreaths
Rain soaked wreaths from ANZAC day.

Friday: catching the last train home
Catching the penultimate train home in the middle of the royal wedding.

Saturday: Katy Perry Shatter
Life was all a bit too much so while Craig was out doing his own thing I stayed home and painted my nails and luxuriated in the quiet.


B & W & Sideswept fringe

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  1. I love your photos!

    I really do need a better camera! I kept blaming my dark photos on the icky weather in Wellington, but now I can see that I have no excuse!

    Who is this awesome tattoo artist in Wellington?