Sunday, June 05, 2011

365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: a lot of empty beer bottles.
Bear beer. Tui. A recycle bin full of zoonic beer bottles.

Monday: learning Act 3 during the slow times at work
Work was not-the-busiest so I took advantage of the slow moments to learn Act 3 of Oleanna.

Tuesday: in the village pre rehearsal
In the Village before rehearsal - I don't think Piranha is the best fish after which to name a fish and chip shop.

Wednesday: itchy, scabby tattoo
My tattoo is still itchy and scabby. But I love catching glimpses of it.

Thursday: Beach before rehearsal
I was earlier than usual when I made it round to Eastbourne. I took a walk in the dark out to the beach.

Friday: pink dawn on the way to work
The day dawned pink during my walk to the train. It was cold but clear. A beautiful morning.

Saturday: new badge with a luggage tag
My new bag arrived. I put one of my favourite photos (on a business card) in the luggage tag holder.


At work late ...
At the moment I arrive at and leave from work in darkness.

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  1. Oh. How lovely your tattoo is. You take fantastic photos!

    I love the 'Take Courage' biz card. I wonder if that's in Welly?