Sunday, June 19, 2011

365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

This week's 365 will be one day short. Not because I forgot a day! But because it was my darling Sister's wedding day and I took ... about 3000 photos. Then today, I had about 17 minutes free.
Next week. Next week will have an extra day.

Sunday: driving home from rehearsal
Sun breaking through the clouds as I head home from yet another rehearsal.

Monday: teeny heartshaped leaves
I love the teeny little heart shaped leaves on this bush.

Tuesday: Dinosaurs &a teddybear in Eastbourne
Dinosaurs and a teddy bear caught my eye from a window in Eastbourne.

Wednesday: full moon!
It was crisp and the moon was full on Wednesday. And I was home before dark.

Thursday: ash cloud from Chile = beautiful dawn
The ash cloud from Chile made for some beautiful dawn skies.

Friday: Beehive Test
Charlotte, the Bride-to-Be wearing her trial wedding hair (a beehive a la Sarah-Rose) and stringing lace as decoration for the ceremony. It was getting late.


My wedding Hair.

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  1. I love these weekly visual diaries you do. You have such a great eye for detail {I've already said it, excuse the repeat} that it gives me a renewed sense of wonder.

    Your sister's hair looks fantastic.