Sunday, July 24, 2011

365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: oreo studded brownie
I baked oreo-studded brownies.
By the end of the week I will have given up sugar completely.

Monday: Mr Man built our bed
Our new bed arrived - Craig got his manly-man on and built it.

Tuesday: Petrol Run and a Terrible Mood
We made a petrol run at the end of the day - I was in a terrible no good mood.

Wednesday: uh-oh Paleo
A cookbook for our office Paleo challenge.

Thursday: comfort food after the dentist
We stopped for burgers after my horrible horrible dentist visit.

Friday: no more sugar
Snacking on almonds and dates now that I don't eat sugar. Sigh.

Saturday: taunting lollipops
Crystal earrings and lollipops from Beginning Boutique. The lollipops were taunting me. But I just moved them away. I will win.


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