Tuesday, August 09, 2011

These days I'm spread so thin

Mock up for my tattoo consultation tomorrow All wrapped up & on the way home

Life is a tumbling whirling ride of a thing at the moment. I cannot seem to catch my breath.

This past weekend ended in a funk. It was Sunday evening and I realised that I hadn't had any time to just be. It was filled with paleo-food and football and running and a lunch meeting and rehearsal and family dinner. There was barely a moment to let my thoughts settle.

It comes in waves, this frenetic life, it is all feast or famine. Right now, I am stuffed.

This week I revisit Oleanna, my brain is tired from keeping Carol's words inside and fresh. I can't wait for Sunday morning. I imagine that my pillow will be pooled with the words escaping via my ears. Ew. That was an unnecessarily disgusting metaphor. I apologise.

Disgusting metaphor aside, I am so looking forward to having a day where I have nothing else to do? I plan to keep it completely empty.

Following on from sleepy-Sunday comes a not-so-manic-Monday. At 2pm on the 15th I am getting my new tattoo.
Not exactly a relaxing afternoon but one where I do not have to do anything other than lie on my back and wince.

I am super excited about my tattoo - I took my inspiration images (lock, ribbon, key, forget-me-nots, gaelic) to my artist 6 weeks ago and he sent me a message yesterday as he was working on the design.

I hope that keeping time free like this will make the rest of August and September seem ... not quite so busy.
But I won't hold my breath. It's only two days afterall.
Then again, what else is a weekend?

Síorghrá <3 - by Rudy Faber

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  1. I love the tattoos on the tattoed lady poster.

    Enjoy your feast of activities. I'm in the middle of my own - we start our trip to USA on Monday! So busy!

    I also liked the gross metaphor.