Sunday, September 11, 2011

365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Apologies in advance for this week. I was really rather sick.

Sunday: alcohol is always a welcome gift in our family
Alcohol is always a welcome present in our family.

Monday: sinus-y head
The first day at home with my cold. I thought it did not need to visit the doctor. I was wrong.

Tuesday: making lemon and honey
I felt no better and moved onto adding lemon and honey to my self-medication.

Wednesday: fevered
I fought through a morning at work then slept an afternoon at home. When I finally woke up I went to the doctor.
Apparently I had a very high fever and should not have been at work that morning.

Thursday: West Wing in bed
Penicillin, the West Wing, and bed.

Friday: sequins
I made it out of bed! And hung out a lot of clothes I'm getting rid of so that my family could "shop" Park Place on Saturday.

Saturday: terrifying polaroid of my husband
Found this terrifying old polaroid of my husband. I think he was 17? 18? at the time.


Fever & blue

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