Sunday, October 16, 2011

365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: Rehearsal in Eastbourne
Stuck all the way out in Eastbourne for rehearsal. At least the weather put on a show.

Monday: look up more
I like catching the architectural features most people miss.

Tuesday: rehearsal in Eastbourne
Eastbourne again. This time for sunset.

Wednesday: the dinosaur on my desk!
This dinosaur lives on my computer monitor. He falls down at least four times a week. Half of those times he falls into cold coffee.

Thursday: new iPhone sticker
I bought a new iPhone sticker. And it's not one based on a photo I took. What is wrong with me?
Nothing. This one is pretty.

Friday: lunchdate!
Met my favourite former colleague for a lunch date. The overly attentive waiter bought me a new glass of wine each time mine was down to only 1/3 full. This photo is the panicked result.

Saturday: empties
We managed to squeeze more than 30 people into our teeny tiny flat for a birthday party/flatwarming.
There were a lot of empties on Saturday morning.


Conference call boredom
Bo-ored. But being useful! Just my usual conference call boredom narcissism

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  1. Love the iPhone sticker. And that picture of you and your sisters. :)