Sunday, January 08, 2012

366 in 2012?

Oh Darling 365

Oh how I did not want to start my fifth (FIFTH!) year of taking a photo every-damn-day* by posting a day late. But I am sleepy. So very sleepy.

The past three days have been somewhat hectic. 

My lovely family travelled to Napier for my oldest** friend's New Zealand wedding reception***. A round trip of 770km punctuated with minigolf, swimming pools, brunch, a farmers market, and of course a night of drinking and dancing. 

 Just outside Hastings
 .@craigburke lining up his shot
Almost bought a fuzzy white turban
Day 7: favourite (colour, jewellery, tattoo) #janphotoaday #photoaday At an NZ/Japanese wedding reception
Pretty sisters. @jayne_iris & Charlotte <3
Day 8: Sky Windmills in the mist

wind farm / sunny Hawkes Bay / Pania of the reef / Craig lines up his shot / I almost bought a fuzzy white turban / I wore lavender / Kenjiro & his family barely speak English / pretty sisters / I was quite drunk / rainy Hawkes Bay / windfarm

But tomorrow! Tomorrow I will post the first week of 2012.

* in 2008 I only took 23 photos before giving up. In 2009 I missed one day (agony!). In 2010 & 2011 I took the full 365. This year I get to take 366.

** the story is thus: when I was two (three?) years old my family moved into a little house. Another family was moving in right next door. Each family had a Ford Laser. All parents were high school teachers. Each family had a daughter of few years and the name Sara(h). The stuff that, if not legends, lifelong family friendships are made of.

*** her husband is Japanese, they live in Japan and had their wedding there last April. Now she's five months pregnant! But she still got back into that beautiful dress. It was just laced a lot looser. 

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