Sunday, February 12, 2012

366 in 2012

366 in 2012

Sunday: Picnic at Mindy & Shane's
It was grey and humid and had rained the day before, but we gathered for a picnic anyway and it was rather lovely.

Monday: bird sitting
SuperBowl Sunday in the USA and a holiday Monday in NZ lined up so we spent FOUR HOURS pretending we knew what was going on with American Football.
At the beginning I picked The Giants as my team. So pleased when they won.

Tuesday: at Craig's tattoo consult
At our tattoo studio we can either walk up three flights of stairs or take a terrifyingly ancient lift.
(Craig was having a tattoo consultation, not my turn this time)

Wednesday: heading home on the Waterfront
Oh the walk along the waterfront is rather beautiful at times. Even something as utilitarian as the bridge over the lagoon.

Thursday: stairs in the beehive
Abstract, yes. Storeys of stairs in the Beehive.

Friday: office detail
Office detail. Beautiful protector, I believe. Foo dog? Shishi? I am not sure, but he is lovely.

Saturday: makng macaroons (art directing Craig)
Making raw macaroons AND art directing my lovely husband.
(I get so frustrated, he doesn't see things as I do, I can't understand it.)
(in short? I am horrible, he is lovely)



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  1. Oh I totally get the art direction! Dave is the same. Sometimes I wish I could step outside my own body and get the pics/video I want of myself (performing etc). He tries tho!