Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Story So Far

The very first time Sarah ever met Craig was the 15th of June 2000 and he ended up kissing a friend of hers.
The second time She met Craig (exactly two weeks later) he took her hand and told her he looked like the devil and immediately she was interested (she's that kind of girl).

They were at a party way up in the hills of Belmont (right before it turns into farmland), at the house of a boy named Jamie, who Sarah barely knew except for the fact that her best friend was infatuated with him. Craig spent an inordinate amount of time telling her about setting up stereo speakers to his computer to increase the bass (no, she didn't ask) and how he had been drinking since noon but still wasn't drunk, however the fact that he can barely remember any of this begs to differ.
Still, Sarah thought he was sweet. And he looked like the devil.
Their first kiss was sitting on a garage roof, looking out over the lights of wellington harbour and the stars above, only the rememberence of beer on his mustache taking away from the cliché.

Two weeks later they were cunningly set up by their scheming friends Petra and Brent.

For their first date, Craig, ever the romantic, took Sarah to watch one of his soccer games. For some reason this didn't deter her (though she watched the game with a furrowed brow and still can't see the appeal).

Sarah and Craig had been together for a year and a half when he moved up to Auckland with his family. Thanks to cellphones and the internet, two years and far too much money spent on flights later he moved back down to Wellington. March 16th 2004.


  1. Welcome to blogspot, baby. :)

  2. Love it! :) How wouldn't be intrigued by someone who describes themselves as 'devilish looking'