Friday, August 26, 2005

Apparently they like the word Grand

The Ceremony and Reception

Sarah and Craig will be married at the historical Wellesley Hotel in Wellington City, The Wellesley is a heritage building, designed by William Gray Young in 1927. It is regarded as Wellington’s finest example of neo-Georgian architecture. Sarah fell in love with the building, and the giant bison head mounted in the downstairs wine bar area. She didn't really give Craig all that much choice, luckily it was the best that he'd seen recently as well.
The Ceremony itself will take place on the Grand Staircase at 4:30pm.

The following reception will be held upstairs in the Grand Dining room, they'll kick you out at midnight.

The Wedding Party

Sarah-Rose M - Bride
Petra L - Maid of Honour / Friend
Charlotte M - Bridesmaid / Sister
Jayne M - Bridesmaid / Sister

Craig B - Groom
Kieran D - Best Man / Freind
Simon B - Groomsman / Brother
Kieran B - Groomsman / Brother

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  1. Anonymous5:07 pm

    Congratulations, Craig and Sarah. Since we're unable to join you for this very special occasion, we're doing the next best thing. Our daughter Erin, who you've kindly invited to join you, will serve as our family's representative.

    Our wish is simply that God would bless you with an enduring love, sufficent to see you through all life's seasons together, more than enough to last a lifetime. Calvin and Joan Mulligan, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada