Monday, September 12, 2005

Craig and I have our first meeting with (hopefully) our Celebrant on Thursday.
Is it strange that I'm nervous?
I don't think so.

It took most of a day for me to actually call her. First I said I would call at 9, then 9 became 11, 11 became 1, 1 became 3, and finally just after 3:30 I actually called.
She was very nice of course, laughed when I said "so uh, how do we do this? I've never done it before" which is a joke she's probably heard a million times.

I don't know if we have to bring anything to the meeting - does she expect us to know what we want said? Should we have vows written or something?
Would she want to know about wedding themes and things?
Is she going to laugh at us?

so, basically? I'm overthinking it.

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