Tuesday, June 20, 2006

... I think I recognise this handwriting ...

Dear The Internet;

Please excuse Sarah and Craig for their absences of late, and those that are without doubt, to occur in the very near future.

See, they are very very busy people, what with the working all the time and saving money and driving and walking, and eating and tv watching and general staying-alive-ness. On top of all that they decided it would be an Exciting! and Fun! idea to sign up to become Bartenders. Sorry, that's Bar/Wait -people (even though it was only ever advertised as a BAR course, but that's something completely different that makes Sarah's Head Explode™) and this bar course takes place from 6pm until 10pm (approximately) the first three nights of the week, two weeks in a row. This means that the Exciting! and Fun! idea causes Sarah and Craig to be out of the house from 7 in the morning until about 10:30 in the evening.

Now, generally going to bed at 11pm is not uncommon in the Burkes House, but more often than not it is preceeded by at least a couple of hours of lying in front of the heater and tv and not with travel and making drinks and concentrating and cleaning. Cleaning is actually far more tiring than watching tv it seems.

On top of all that! they are still sans l'ordinateur (that is to say, without a computer) at their place of residence. Which makes it hard for Sarah to string even two thoughts together to make even the semblance of an entry (generally it only takes two thoughts anyway, one of which is "I really should write an entry"). This Exciting! and Fun! idea has now made Sarah so tired that this morning she felt entirely nauseated. Which is surprisingly uncommon for 6am Sarah.

After the second week of the course Craig and Sarah are then going into hiding for a weekend. Ssh. They will let you know much much more upon their return.
Hopefully by then Sarah will have a computer that she can use to post her photographs. She has a 256MB Memory Card full of photos just waiting to be seen.

So, Again, Sorry for the absences, but you have to admit ... it's a pretty good excuse.



  1. CUTE entry. Whose signature is that? :)

  2. It was Brahms. But I changed it a little because it was too obvious.

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