Sunday, September 17, 2006

We're leaving, on a jet plane! ... eventually.

Yesterday Craig and I made our first trip to the travel agency!

Things we learnt :
1. I am an idiot. I was budgeting for return flights when we're going for one way flights.
2. To get cheap(er) flights we should book before christmas.
3. That's for an estimated leaving time of somewhere between March and May 2007.
4. We have to apply for the Visas after we have departure dates.
5. We can stop over in Australia, the U.S., or Asia.
6. I need to have a passport. Soon.
7. Craig is too too reticent at the oddest of times.
8. The only visa restrictions career-wise involve the childcare and health sectors.

It should only be two to three months before we have an itinerary organised.
Or at least a better plan.

(so terrifying)

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