Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A confession ... an obsession ... a sickness ...

I seem to be addicted to Fuchsia.

Sequin headband and Huuuuge Carrie Flower

a sequined headband and a large large flower

Dowse Key ring

The (new) Dowse keyring

Hei Tiki (you're so fine ...)

my obligatory Kiwiana

Hint of fuschia in my Witchery bracelet

flashes in a floral bracelet

Ruby ring

the pinkest ruby I'd ever seen

Stacking Rings

until this one.

Earrings in a sea of Beads

light fuchsia earrings on dark fuchsia beads


on my fingers: Pompeii Purple by O.P.I. (really? REALLY?) and Fuchsia by Maybelline

Guess purse

my grown up (or not) Guess purse

Shoes by Melissa

shoes by Melissa. Not only are they fuchsia and near modern art, they smell like bubblegum!

Fuschia Scarves and Tops

two scarves and three tops

Skull by Love from Hetty and Dave

sugar skull by Love from Hetty and Dave.


a cheap little phone charm from Camden markets

The Black Queen by Hew Locke

the black queen from Tate Britain

by Hew Locke I think, it's about how, portraits of monarchs used to include symbols of their pomp but also of their mortality. And they don't do that anymore, there's no attempt to keep them grounded.

MAC Lipsticks

Fafi for MAC - Fun & Sexy, and regular old MAC - Girl About Town

Fuchsia Coat

my beautiful beautiful coat. And my badge is a liar, I probably quite like your art. But then again, I could be the liar.

Girl About Town in Glasses

Pink GHDs

It reaches as far as my darling hair straighteners

Ibuprofen. Hot Pink!

AND my pain relief of choice.

I suppose it could be worse. Craig isn't so sure.
But then again, I think he worries I will create a head to toe fuchsia outfit. Which I won't. Although ...

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