Sunday, November 23, 2008

Down the Rabbit Hole

I heart Flickr!
According to the smarties at Flickr and Yahoo, here are the searches and subsequent photos that have lead people to me ...

Perseus and Andromeda

Perseus & Andromeda

Baby Broken Nose

Broken Nose Baby

A Bale of Turtles

A Bale of Turtles and some Koi

14th Century Churchyard

The Hardy Tree

Okay, it's 19th Century but whatever.

"Me as a baby"

Easter Baby (Giant head)

Self Injury


ick. This one must come up as it is tagged injury as in I fell down and hurt my leg, and self as in a photo of myself. me myself and I.
I'm going to have to re tag them all as Sarah instead of Self. I don't mind so much the people who "favourite" a photo of me in a scarf and then I find out that ALL their favourites are girls wearing scarves because, as long as they don't try and contact me, it's just harmless self gratification I guess. But this? I don't want to enable self harm or those who get off on that.

Family Tattoo

Tattoo At Work

Stung by a Jellyfish


People are Strange. Flickr is interesting.

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