Wednesday, January 14, 2009

1, 576, 800 minutes …

December 2006, the office of STA Travel in Wellington.
Craig and I were booking our one way (sob) trip to London and had given our names. I was just getting used to my new surname.
The travel agent typed it all in then looked at us and said “Oh! Are you two brother & sister?”



Today Craig and I have been married for 3 years.
3 years of 1095 days or 1576800 minutes. Approximately 3000 I love yous. Seriously.

The traditional third anniversary present is meant to be Leather (dirty!) or Crystal, or Glass. We’re going for Tattoos*

I have written in the past that our love feels more like incest (ew), like conjoined twins, like some metaphysical certainty. More than just a boy and a girl who fell together.

I find it strange when, walking hand in hand, I catch a glimpse of our collective reflection or shadow. In my mind our heights are proximate.

in San Francisco
Sir C is 6”2 and I am 5”1.25

It’s not that Craig makes me feel especially tall, and I certainly don’t see him as being short.
It’s a very strange sensation but I guess after something like 3103 days (8.5 years) together, I am used to cranging my neck up at him, used to him stooping to pick me up.

Height Difference!

Sir C & I as a couple are an institution. As old as the hills. We are certainly about as old as the Millennium (almost! 15-07-00) and I find it hard to remember a time before him. BC. He is an essential part of my past (& present) and has known me since I was little more than an adolescent.
Though lord knows I was old enough then.
We have seen the world together. We have seen the world through each others’ eyes. We will always be part of each other’s histories. Which is why, our third anniversary present to each other will be matching tattoos*.


On Saturday, we will pack a picnic and escape to the cemetery where our wedding photos were taken. Just like our first anniversary. This one will be noted with more than water and a NYLON magazine in transit through LAX like our second anniversary.

Wedding Photo

Three Elephants Babylove

*They’re booked for March. The designs are set. They’re not names or dates or initials or portraits. I will reveal all post-tattoo.

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