Friday, January 16, 2009

More than being your Mrs.

iPhoneTiffany's Necklace

As spotted on Smitten and ... oh just so many places, is I love you more than Blank dot (blogspot dot) com.
Run by Paperwhite studio and avoiding the generic "I love you, like, a whole bunch" sentiments that are as dusty as the flavour of the candy hearts they embellish, they request suggestions and turn them into spiffy little stylised candy hearts, in highly non-pastel, non-red colours.

The sentiments run the gamut from touching to overt, from video games to high fashion, from humerous to serious. Perfect for the month before Valentine's Day.

In the spirit of my anniversary just past, and for your your amusement, some that I've selected just for Craig.
It's just a weird coincidence that they all seem to be purple!

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Help us fill in the blank "i love you more than________" by sharing your own personal feelings. Abstract, funny or literal - the choice is yours.
Send your answers to:

We'll be collating and uploading them as we go along with the aim of producing a valentines day surprise. . .

My Suggestions


  1. I'd love practically anything more than a Tiffany necklace.

  2. Craig bought me a lovely Tiffany charm which I adore, that's why I chose that heart for him.

    It's not one of the ubiquitous (& horrendous) air-hostess-college-girl-choke-chain ones.