Tuesday, January 27, 2009

From the Archives

Dear Readers (Hi Mum!),
Sadly this week the photos from the archives are sub par. They never saw the light of day because they are the unattractive siblings of the photos that graced the original Oh Darling entry,
BUT! I follow rules (as much as I can or care to do) and so? here you are:

Locks on the Millennium Bridge

In November 2007 in an entry with a painful pun as the title (The lock of love ... is in your eyes ... Seriously Past-Sarah??) I wrote about a phenomenon which was romantic and ridiculous (my favourite combination!) where, ape-ing a novel & movie, lovers would write their names on a lock, attach it to the Ponte Milvio in Rome, and throw the keys into the river.
A couple of weeks after this story started circulating, I noticed padlocks showing up on the Millennium Bridge. They lasted quite some time, but I dare say they are gone by now.

Locks on the Millennium Bridge

I will check next time I'm in London and let you know.

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