Monday, March 23, 2009

I blame my cold on Monday

If you paid any attention to my twitter at all today, then you probably think I'm whiny, paradoxical, or both. I have spent months on end dreaming (loudly) of snow and ice, of the need to wear scarves and hats, of rosy-cheeks and dragon-breath.
And then! two scant days into New Zealand's autumn, it's all I can do to keep my mouth shut about how miserable and cold I am, cotton-headed, stuffed with phlegm (ew), and prickled with goosebumps.

The truth is? I only love winter (and I do love you winter!) is when it does not adversely affect me. I hate having a cold, and being inappropriately dressed for the weather drives me crazy. I hate having to walk in the rain because in Wellington when it rains, it is windy (and when it's sunny it's windy, and when it's windy? it's really windy) and in Wellington's wind using an umbrella is pointless.

Instead I yearn for an idealised winter. Walking next to Craig, hands wrapped around a gingerbread latte or Monmouth Coffee*, bridging feet over cobblestones, deep dark brownies, and steaming venison burgers.

Game Bottles & the wine beyond.
Cheeses Mushrooms

In my ideal winter it is perpetually Saturday Mornings at Borough Market, and I am wearing the following outfit:

Polyvore: Borough Market Outift
Grey skinny jeans
Merino or Uniqlo heat-tech top
Butter soft black leather blazer
Effusive scarf & bobbly hat

I am going about replicating this outfit in New Zealand as well
It will be my winter weekend uniform.

Things around the Oh Darling household have been a little sad and grey and wintery themselves this week. On Wednesday Sir C and I are packing our bags and heading down to Dunedin for a family funeral.
Posting will be light or non-existent for the second half of this week.

* Monmouth is the best coffee I have ever had, bar none. The queue at the Borough Market stall was always monumental but the coffee was always worth it.


  1. Awesome outfit! I'd wear that

  2. Thanks! I love having variations on a theme aka uniform dressing.