Sunday, March 22, 2009

Week Twelve

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Fringe Necklace
I made the first prototype fringe necklace and I loveloveloved it.

Monday: latelatelate leaving work
My first day working two jobs, I was soso busy that I didn't even leave until 5:40pm and didn't have time to take a photo any earlier in the day!

Tuesday: Adrian on the Bodhran
St Patrick's Day. My cousin Adrian playing the Bodhrán. Impressive much?

Wednesday: Light Box!
Another day where I didn't get to take a photo until the night had most definitely descended. But I did get to use my iphone as a lightbox! Like this.

Thursday: Andrea Moore Jacket and Frankie Magazine
I caved and purchased this adorable Andrea Moore jacket (she opened another sale store! right near my work! sigh) and it reminds me of Frankie Magazine. Which I also bought.

Friday: Sky
Exhausted. Sky. Exhausted.

Saturday: Fake Flowers, Petone
Bright bright fake flowers in a storefront, Petone. Spotted while wandering post-brunch.


Self Portrait Eleven: Happy St Patrick's Day!

St Patrick's Day, sans well-wishes.


  1. You take some amazing photographs! Found you though a friend on Twitter and am delighted when I see you've posted some new stuff. You are one talented girl ;)

    P.s. The fringe necklace looks really neat!

  2. Kwasnickles - Thank you! that's really sweet.
    And the fringe necklace looks really neat but it's damn hard to wear it without playing with it all the time!

  3. Were you wandering while you were wondering on Saturday? Or have you perfected the art of finding things by supposing their existence? If so, please write FAQ.