Sunday, March 29, 2009

Week Thirteen

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Exploring Lower Hutt
Craig and I drove around and around and around, stumbling upon the place where they build trains, or at least where they used to make them. It's all run down. But beautiful.

Monday: Handwritten OhDarling Post
I handwrote this post while at work and typed it up when I got home.

Tuesday: Mason's Lane
Walking down Mason's Lane after lunch with a friend. Strange 1980s street art and an empty doorway onto a second floor.

Wednesday: Very early flight, very tiny plane
A very early flight to Dunedin on a very tiny plane. We checked in at 6:30 which entailed leaving home at 6am. Sleepy. Sleepy and a little terrified plane because lord that was the smallest plane I've ever been on.

Thursday: Brighton Beach
Brighton Beach in Dunedin. Clambering about & listening to reminiscences. Best viewed LARGE.

Friday: Skull Pin
A teeny skull pin that belonged to Craig's grandfather, and has been passed along to me. I love his little skull-y teeth.

Saturday: Pretty Lily!
A quiet day, tired post-Dunedin. I did visit a puppy but oh, these lilies are beautiful.


Self Portrait Twelve

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