Sunday, April 19, 2009

Week Sixteen

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Easter Egg
Zombie-Jesus day. I ate an egg. Or two.

Monday: Auckland Airport. Gherkins!
A lazy last day in Auckland.
Craig in the McDonalds at Auckland Airport. This is, however, the moment I realised that I quite like Gherkins.
Year upon year of whipping them out of burgers without trying them and now? mm-mmm.

Tuesday: $1.60 to my name
The day before payday and we had $1.60 to our names, after doing things like providing lunch and travel of course.

Wednesday: Must remember to go to this Ex.
Checking the dates of the Monet exhibition. Thankfully I still have a couple of weeks!

Thursday: Nailpolish Tester
After lunch with my favourite Petra, we wandered a department store and I tried out nailpolishes.

Friday: my cute, UNIQUE, shoes
My afternoon was veryvery quiet. I loved the shoes I was wearing. My totally, completely UNIQUE* shoes.

Saturday: Raspberry and Feijoa Gelato
At a fabric fair in Brooklyn, I sat in the sun and ate Raspberry and Feijoa Gelato.
It was delicious but by the end I was so cold I had to put my jacket on.


Self Portrait 15 with eyeliner

*Did you guess? they aren't completely unique. My baby sister and mother each have a pair.


  1. that cadbury egg...the yummy! as for my necklaces, i've gotten a few requests for silver so i'll try to incorporate that into my shop sometime very soon!