Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week Twenty-Two

365 in 2009!

Lemon Roll from Butlers, 2 forks.
Lemon Roll from Butler's, and two forks.

Monday: So cold I refuse to leave the office.
The weather was so horrendous that I refused to leave the complex at lunch time. Instead I broke into my emergency cup-a-soup stash. It was disgusting but warm.
Colourful post-it notes behind.

Tuesday: Tuesdays are never any good.
Tuesdays are rarely any good.

Wednesday: New Shoes with Cat
Kitten invades my new shoes photoshoot.
It only took me 10 months but I finally found some sneakers that I like and consider wearable.
Craig considers it a miracle.

Thursday: Amazing SunRise
A beautiful sunrise on budget day, seen from my office.

Friday: Contingency card.
On my lunch break I made Craig a birthday card contingency plan in case his present wasn't delivered in time.

Birthday Boy - Guitar Hero
Craig, concentrating, wearing a t-shirt I bought him and playing Guitar Hero Metallica which was his main present.
At this point in time? he is unaware of the surprise party I had organised for him!


Winter Outfit (it's hard to take self portraits with this lens)
Winter Outfit (it's hard to take self portraits with this lens)