Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Au Revoir America

From the Archives

Leaving San Francisco
14 January 2008

From the hotel room
Early morning and a car passing by.

A very long wait at LAX
(is there any other kind of wait at LAX?)

There was a lot of time at the airport
I took a photo of my Starbucks cup because I was so thrilled that I had been able to help out a couple from the UK, letting them know that my UK debit card had worked there so theirs should too.
Caffeine for everyone!

Trying for Self Portraits 2008
Sneaking a self portrait.
I was attempting to take them for 365 in 2008. I didn't get very far.
Also? my hair! so short!

In the air above LA.
I find this photo absolutely terrifying. Give me London's victorian sprawl any day (please?).


  1. The self-portrait is very cute! And yeah that photo of LA is a little terrifying..

  2. I was so very confused as to why I couldn't remember leaving SF in the early morning.. I remembered you going to LA.. and then I remembered I left you the night before. Duh.

  3. @Annie Thank you! it was very sneaky, there was someone other than Sir C in the seat next to me.

    @Kat Silly! you were halfway to NC!