Sunday, June 14, 2009

Week Twenty-Four

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Craig and the Kitty Cat
Craig has been gone too too long. Last Sunday he attacked the cat with cuddles. The cat was nonplussed.

Monday: Coffee & Pecan cupcake from Tempt. Not good.
Wellington needs more cupcake stores. This pecan-and-coffee cupcake from Tempt was most disappointing.

Tuesday: Moleskine Planner
Sometimes I plan outfits in advance (nerd!) and sometimes I mark them down if I feel great while wearing them.
This was the latter.

Wednesday: Wellington Station
Wellington Station.

Thursday: Chanel Lipstick
Shanghai red lipstick by Chanel
Also? note the absurdly small lipstick mark.

Friday: Empty House = Twirling
Empty House = Twirling.

Saturday: White Flower, Flame Tree, Sickbed
White flowers and flame orange leaves. I spent the day in bed staving off a cold.


Tattoo Planning
Wednesday Night
A little bubble of excitement.
Craig & I had just made the decisions about when to go to Auckland for my tattoo appointment.


  1. This week is great. You are super cute in the portrait. It looks like it must be pretty cold.

  2. Kat - thank you my sweet! the week was very up and down, ending on down (I still feel sick. But I don't think it's the swine flu!) and it hasn't actually been all that cold, I just really like my hat.
    And the scarf (it's still my 21st birthday one from Chris and Rajeev!) is mainly precautionary.