Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rouge à Lèvres

Oh Darling Hearts

Truth be told?
Craig is jetting off to Auckland tonight to drive around Rotorua with his father, brother, another shanghai-ed semi-mechanic, and all the mud and rain in Christendom and that means that I have had a little grey cloud over my head all day today.

I did, however, love my outfit today:

I very rarely wear strong lipstick (because of my absurdly small mouth) but today I wore Shanghai Red by Chanel and loveloveloved every second of it.
Perhaps it was the compliments?
Perhaps it was the Rose scent?
Perhaps red lipstick has magical powers?

p.s. also? when I think about what I heart today? all I can think of is the research I've been doing for my next tattoo!
p.p.s. I booked the appointment today. 28th August. I'm so so so excited.

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