Monday, September 28, 2009

Chez Mes Cousins

My darling cousins have absconded for a week and left Craig and I alone in their darling little house.

They get the benefit of a house protected and a bunny rabbit fed while Craig and I get to prepare for the time when we are living by ourselves again. Just, you know, making sure we still like each other without the buffer of Other People*.

Yesterday afternoon, while Craig was outside chopping firewood (more because he could than because he really needed to) I sat in the lounge ostensibly learning my lines when I noticed that the late afternoon sun was edging in to golden hour.
And it is such a shame to let lovely light go to waste.

One is an amazing painter

Claw foot Tub!



Another painting

(the fruits of Craig's labour)

* We do.

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  1. Lovely photos & of course, cute bunny!