Friday, November 27, 2009

A Conversation with a Co-Worker

A coworker sidled up to me:

CW: I think you have a Secret
Me: What?
CW: I think, and I'm not the only person in the office who thinks this, that you have a secret.
Me: Bu-
CW: don't worry, it's a happy secret!
Me: but I don't have a secret ?
CW: No, no, that you DO have a secret
Me: I don't think I do ... what do you think it is?
CW: Hmm. I'll disperse clues
Me: Ah! No!

I'm thinking, naturally, oh christ they think I'm pregnant. Damn. But before I can interrogate, said Co-Worker slinked off to one of the other offices and returned a few minutes later:

CW: Do you want a clue?
Me: Yes! Please!
CW: It involves .... restraints.

And then the Co-Worker just walks away. Leaving me furrowed brow and confused lips at my desk.

I'm pretty sure that more than one person in this darling little office thinks I'm in to BDSM.

(thankfully I find this amusing)

Note: I think this has to do with my prediliction for dark jewellery, pencil skirts, and vertiginous heels. I'm not swanning about in leather with handcuffs hanging next to my ID card or anything. In case you wondered.


  1. O man, so funny! It's amazing what people assume about others from the way they dress.

    I almost always dress in black and when I was working in the office everyone assumed I was goff and liked things covered in skull and crossbones.

    If they actually think you're into BDSM it seems like a very strange thing to ask about! It's like going up to someone and saying, 'I think you have a secret, a happy secret', 'You're into butsecks'!

  2. Ha! I'm fairly certain everyone thinks I'm on drugs or gay. Not my coworkers though. Those kinds of concepts are beyond their scope of rational conclusion, it would seem.

  3. You could have fun with this. I know I would.

  4. MsConstantine - I got the same reactions when I had black hair, even if I wasn't dressed even remotely gothic!
    And yes, it was a strange way to phrase it. But I guess saying "a dirty secret" would have tipped me off right away. Or maybe the co-worker really thinks it is something to be happy about! In which case, that says more about the co-worker than it does me.

    Tim - going by the Fruit Loops hat I'm not surprised. I kid, I kid.

    Chris - I'm certainly not going to change the way I dress! I like it and people will draw conclusions no matter what I do. But ... we'll see if I try and push it any further.