Wednesday, November 18, 2009

There is a land called Passive Aggressiva & I am their Queen ...

Why I am Annoying:

February 2007
My writing is the (snarky) Black Pen*

These are the things you find when you accidentally** delete ALL your photos off your MacBook then promptly panic and download them ALL*** from Flickr and then have to use the iPhoto autosplit magic to organise them in to sets because, lord knows, they cannot just sit in the programme with no semblance of order****.

A caveat: I was very annoyed. The blue pen writing belongs to a co-worker I was less than fond of, and she was making a big fat deal about her personalisation of a shared desk. Sigh.
She was lucky I didn't start on the X of thanks.

* I only ever use black pen. It's a thing.
** Yes I am an idiot.
** Around Six THOUSAND photos.
*** Ahh my slight ocd rears it's delightful little head.


  1. Ha ha! I would HAVE to organise those photos. I'd be up til 1am doing so. My music folders have duplicates and are a mess, so I have actually really enjoyed organising them lately!

    Glad you got all of your piccies back. :)

  2. This is awesome...that is all I have to say.

  3. Grammafitti!
    My brother wrote the best grammafitti known to man a few years back, on a sign advertising a boy's candidacy for student president at Otago.

    The sign:
    "Alister Black: Everybodies Mate"

    Luke's response (ballpoint pen, lower and to the right):
    "Alister, your awesome"

    I still get tingles.