Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Conversation

Last night, Craig picked me up from work (he is a gentleman of leisure this week while I, lucky as I am, get to work right up until the 24th!) and we about to select a DVD to watch when he opened the drawer and said:

Craig: I ... may have done something bad.
Me: Huh?
Craig: I may have done something a little OCD.
Me: What? Did you alphabetise them?
Craig: ... maybe.
Me: Baby, that's not OCD, that's awesome. Ahh!

That poor poor man, my crazy is apparently contagious.


  1. Ahhhhahaha!
    The powers of nothing to do on holiday. Plus, well, alphabetizing is always essential.

  2. Yay! I can't not have my DVDs alphabetised, though!

    However, the Wii games are stacked in order of most played. Hee.

  3. I used to have our dvd's colour coded....currently they are in genre...but I am now considering alphabetizing....

  4. Tim - yes yes, I think it was partly boredom! poor man now has a lot of cleaning and food shopping to do.

    Kat - same! it was bugging me inordinately. But I never had the time to do it. Plus they're all in a drawer so I could pretend they WERE organised as long as it was shut.

    Kate - at Trinity they were colour coded. Now they are split somewhat into genres (tv shows, comedians, movies) and THEN alphabetised. While I love the aesthetics of colour coding, I find it so much easier to find movies alphabetically.