Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another 2,103,795 minutes (approx)

Another year has passed in the story of Sarah-Rose and Craig: The Marriage.

A year of oh, of highs and lows. Lows which were so deep as to be unfathomable and highs which were really only high in comparison.
( did not have a good time in 209, can you tell? And still, and still, & forevermore*, the one shiny thing my magpie mind swooped upon was always the light in his eyes when he looked at me.

Our fourth year of marriage will be remembered by me as the year of facial hair (my Darling husband had a moustache on our anniversary and again in Japan) and the year when all I really needed (besides a long term visa for London) was to press my forehead in to the crook of his neck and to sigh, a lot.
Thankfully Craig doesn't find this too arduous a task and so, we muddled through.

I am looking forward to our fifth year of marriage, heading in to a decade of a relationship & completing half a decade of wedded ... joy**, the numbers simply baffle me. There are people I know and love who have never known me by my maiden name, being called MRS no longer terrifies me. All of this bedrock of a life lived in love is thrilling, exciting, a superpower. After the poor showing of 2009 (you get a FAIL grade 2009!) I know we will weather whatever 2010 throws at us with hands clasped tight and sole against calf***.

We still look at each other and sigh I just can't believe how in love with you I am**** and after 4,996,513 minutes (approx)*****, I think that's a good sign.

* hopefully! fingers crossed! knock wood!
** fun fact! I hate the word bliss.
*** this is the only way Craig and I can fall asleep touching. We cannot sleep entwined.
**** yes. Seriously. But never around anyone else though, for fear of making others physically ill.
***** 9 years, 5 months, 3 weeks, 6 days. Approximately.

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  1. Still my favourite couple. Well. Not counting us. Ha. There's a great line from "The Last Five Years": one of my favourite modern musicals where in the wedding scene (the song "The Next Ten Minutes") they sing

    Will you share your life with me
    For the next ten lifetimes?
    For a million summers
    'til the world explodes

    'til there's no one left
    who has ever known us apart..

    Your post reminded me of that, particularly the last line. And now I'm getting all marriage-mushy, so, 'scuse me.