Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week Three

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Final day of the Holiday
Sparkly deer, Fifi Lapin, and painted while bricks.
The last day of the holiday was one of unpacking suitcases and boxes (yes. still.) followed by dinner and very competitive Trivial Pursuits chez Trinity.

Monday; Cheap Monday. Back at Work
I've got this thing I can do with my eye. I can change it from blue to blind.
My first day back at work-itis was assuaged by a midday parcel of a Cheap Monday jacket and a dinner of popcorn, cider, and Criminal Minds.

Tuesday: Summer Fruit
Apparently the way I eat apricots is strange.

Wednesday: Hiroshima Kitty
I attached my Hello Kitty Hiroshima phone charm to a case for my baby iPhone and wrote a post about said city for this darling site.

Thursday: 4th Anniversary Flowers
Our 4th wedding anniversary. Craig bought me flowers as an apology; he suggested celebrating with Dinner but ended up having to work.

Friday: Waiting on Sir C
Waiting for Craig in the cold and grey outside my work, I investigated the new court building. The facade is supposed to evoke native trees.

Saturday: Buddha hands on a horrible day
Buddha's hands (unpacked!) on a no-good, very-bad day.


So cold and grey
So cold and grey this week (oh, how I adore summer in Wellington) that I resorted to my flannel dress and faux-uggs.


  1. What's so strange about eating apricots that way? If you can rip it in half, why not?

  2. I eat them that way if I can, too!

    And I <3 your flannel dress. :)

  3. Thank you! that's what I think too! but apparently the people who told me I was strange eat them like apples/plums.

    Kat - thanks - I picked it up at Uniqlo Osaka!

  4. Anonymous4:37 am

    Hello, great pictures and blog!!! Have one question ; what thus /is the centense "I got a thing I can do...I can change it from" and so on mean? Sorry for my English. I recognize it, but I don't understand the meaning? Thank you soo much!!!