Thursday, March 04, 2010

So many unguents, so little time.

I used to wash my face with plain soap, smear on some plain moisturiser & bing bang boom (well just bing bang really)* I was done. It was so simple, so easy.

Now I use two different face washes, I use jojoba oil & moisturiser on my face, I apply lucas' pawpaw ointment to scars, lip balm to lips, and a different moisturiser each for my legs & hands.

In the mornings ... oh don't even get me started. More moisturiser, sunscreen, face primer, and then makeup.
It's not really all that much. I wear surprisingly little makeup compared to, well, other people and yet, the sheer volume compared to say 2006 (when I could barely even apply foundation - now I'm a have favourite brands and products (MAC for most things, diorshow mascara, YSL touche eclat) is astounding.

So many unguents, so little time. I find it exhausting sometimes.

But I am 26 & a third and yet I'm still regularly id-ed as being under 18 so it can't be all bad, right?

* I still miss Gilmore Girls.

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