Sunday, May 23, 2010

Week Twenty-One

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Hot Chocolate at the Mall
Coffee (and hot chocolate) during a break from errands at the mall with Craig. He does not like coffee but always saves me a marshmallow. So that's okay.

Monday: North and South - arresting covers
North and South had a cover which make me stop in my tracks.

Tuesday: Driving home. Tail lights.
I like playing with bokeh and the trail lights on the drive home.

Wednesday: Dropped off by the Ferry
Dawn by the waterfront. Craig dropped me off early so he could take the car for a check up.

Thursday: Working late on Budget Day
The lights are on late on Budget Day.

Friday: Getting stuff ready for my tattoo consultation
Printing off reference pictures for my tattoo consultation appointment.

Saturday: Manu Tattoo, Petone
Tattoo consultation at Manu Tattoo. I love this painted mannequin he has in the window.
(I ended up booking 2 tattoos on Saturday; 1 with Manu in June, and 1 with Erin from Sacred in October!)


Mm. Coffee and a Windowseat


  1. Love the photos and good luck with tattoo :)

  2. Bunny hoodie! Great shots this week. Can't wait to see your text tattoo.

  3. Ooh and the font is great, btw.

    Is that the meningitis poster girl again? poor thing.

  4. @Crumble - thanks! I'm so excited about the tattoo.

    @Kat - thank you! (the bunny hoodie is by primp, $3 on Trademe!) I can't wait to see my tattoo either - I can't remember what the font is called but it's a free one from Also, yea, that's Baby Charlotte, the Meningitis girl.