Thursday, April 07, 2011

Agony and the Ecstasy (of dress shopping)

For the want of a dress my mind was lost ...

I think I made passing mention on this darling little site about how one of my very favourite people in the world is getting married. My adorable sister Charlotte.
It's in June. In June she will be turning 23 and she will becoming a wife. I'm so excited for her!
Her fiancé, G, is really rather lovely. He fits into our crazy family.

I'm also excited for me. Because I get to be a bridesmaid!
It's all very small and casual (much like Charlotte herself) but my sister Jayne, Charlotte's friend Kelly, and I all get to stand up there with her.
This means I get to buy a dress! During my shopping ban! A pretty pretty dress.

But! It turns out, I am very good at finding dresses for other people. For myself? I only find the unattainable.

Charlotte has asked that we dress like macarons. Well, not really.
She means in dresses the colour of macarons; turquoise, mint, lavender, blush, lemon, apricot. Lovely,

She told us this late last night. This morning I was exchanging emails with Jayne and within an hour? she had her dress.

A dress for Jayne

I asked Twitter for help and shortly thereafter had found a dress that would be perfect for me. Only? it is kind of expensive*, and WORST OF ALL - they don't ship to New Zealand**.

Dreaming of a J.Crew dress

It's tough being at the bottom of the world.

I've searched and searched and searched online but I can't find anything that I love even half as much. I can't find anything that I love even a little bit and that would suit.
It is making me doubt my newly won title of Queen of Internet Shopping***.

Here is where I have searched:
asos / topshop / j.crew / zara / outnet / anthropologie / ruby / superette / urban outfitters / barneys / nordstrom / shopbop / h&m / next / peacocks / dorothy perkins / new look / portmans / glassons / net-a-porter / forever 21 / macy's / bluefly / revolve / nastygal / selfridges / miss selfridges / max

I think I might have to go in to an ACTUAL store.

Here is what I am looking for:
sleeveless but not strapless or one-sleeved
chiffon or silk or some other floaty material
mid-thigh to knee length
mint green or lavender/lilac purple

It can't be that hard? can it? really?

Dang it Macy's. You don't even ship to Canada let alone NZ

Damn it, Macy's! You don't even ship to CANADA. They're ATTACHED to you.

At least I enjoy looking at pretty dresses online. There is always that. And I enjoy whining about the terrible terrible hardship of shopping.

EDIT: I found a dress!

Found a dress! Approved by the bride & everything

Approved by the bride and everything.

* this isn't that much of a deal. I adore the dress in and of itself and I can see myself wearing it to work with a blazer.
** they do ship to Canada though. We have a cousin who lives there ... a possibility. But for the price?
*** bestowed upon me by a very thankful Jayne.


  1. You could always use one of those companies that forward on American products to other countries? Like Bongo? There might be other cheaper ones but have had friends use Bongo and it worked out just fine.

  2. If it helps - I move to Vancouver in mid-may and could always recieve it for you and send it on to NZ? I definitely think that gorgeous dress is worth working out a way!

  3. Ally - thank you! I like the idea of Bongo. They also offer a personal shopping service where they use their US based credit card - because otherwise you have to CALL J.Crew, and I don't want to do THAT.

    Leah - thank you!! that's very sweet. But I don't think I'd risk it making the way from US to Canada to NZ within sort of 3/4 weeks.

  4. Have you had a look at Pixie Market or Mod Cloth? They ship here x