Sunday, November 20, 2011

365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: Sun on the Waterfront
The sun was out and I was a lady of leisure. So I took my book (read: kindle (read: kindle app on iPhone)) and headed to the waterfront to read and people-watch.

Monday: Breaking Dawn
An amazing dawn - the light was perfect.

Tuesday: cherry coke from a coworker
Whenever one of my coworkers sees Cherry Coke, she always buys me a can. I like this pavlovian response.

Wednesday: it's a hard life having this as your walk home
The view on the way home isn't too bad either.

Thursday: Meadowlark's Arrowhead launch decorations
I went to the launch of Meadowlark's Arrowhead jewellery range. I bought a gorgeous ring that Craig will be giving me for Christmas then smashed a glass and left in shame. It was a night of extremes.

Friday: another hazy dawn
One day soon I will tire of waterfront photos. I hope.

Saturday: Silly poster, you are not a camera, you are a poster.
Silly poster, you are not a camera, you are a poster.


Almost a month of glasses

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