Monday, January 16, 2012

I got 99 problems but a trip ain't one

... Not Quite.

So. Europe!

Forever and a day ago I met Aly. We became friends when I lived in London and, thanks to the wonder of the internet, we are still in touch (HI ALY!). One of my memories from when I was last in London (2008! SO LONG AGO) was telling her that she really should reply to Arthur, maybe even go out with him.
Now they are married. I am essentially psychic.

Their wedding was in Canada. Craig and I were invited but, you know, life and money and whatnot. We couldn't go.

THEN! In a fantastic confluence of events, I found out that I was coming into a little bit of money. THEN! I received a "Save the Date" email from Aly. She and Arthur are having a second ceremony*. In London.
Where do I ALWAYS want to go? London. Where do I not have the money to go? London.


99 days from today Craig and I leave Wellington. 100 days from now we land in London. I am so excited I might die.

And since it is SO very very far from this little corner of the world, we kind of decided to make the most of it. To make up for the two years we lived in London and didn't manage to travel. To see (a small portion) those cities we have wanted to visit for years.

We are spending a MONTH in Europe**.

The plan is, at the moment, to spend a week in London, 3-4 nights in Edinburgh (to see my favourite Kat), then fly to Berlin and, via train, spend the next 20 days travelling from Berlin to Munich, Prague, Florence, and ending up in Rome.
We fly out of Rome, spent 12 hours in Singapore, and land back in New Zealand at midday on a Sunday.

I predict that following Monday will be a fun day at the office.

* Yes! Well remembered. This WILL be my second second ceremony of the year.
** Seriously, SO excited. It's ridiculous.


  1. Train travel through Europe is the best!
    I think you guys will be in Rome a week before us (if my calculations are correct...) so I'll be looking out for some recommendations!

  2. HI SARAH-ROSE!!!!

    This post made me smile and laugh out loud. Then I made Arthur read it and he did the same thing.

    We are SO EXCITED to see you. Seriously.

    Cannot wait cannot wait cannot WAIT!


  3. jealous out of my MIND. went to scotland and england a couple months ago and feel terrrribly awayfromhomesick.