Sunday, May 21, 2006

Just 2 things for now ...

1. Craig and I (and my mother and sister and a boy named sam) went to see Danny Bhoy last night and he was amazing.
So so much more worth the money than Dylan Moran.
Charlotte and I want to marry him and have his little brown scottish babies (what? won't they come out with that accent?) but I'm pretty sure Charlotte gets dibs because I chose Craig and everything.

2. Our computer is Dead. Ever So Dead. Just another very expensive paperweight. Luckily it might just be a paperweight temporarily and I'm soon (ish) to be purchasing a laptop so our home will not be computer free for long.
The first day I was home alone all day without a computer felt very very strange ... at times I felt at a loose end ... but I'm now starting to like it.
The constant need to check my emails is waning. And thankfully I can use the internet at work. Which is where I am now, at 7:19 on a sunday morning.


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