Monday, June 05, 2006

3 Things. Only One Of Which Is Serious.

1. I have a severe craving for soup. Specifically Chicken Noodle Soup. My craving is so bad that I am considering breaking out my emergency work soup (chinese chicken and sweet corn with distressing croutons that I consider icebergs to be avoided) on my next break at work. I'm also wondering if I can cope the final 40 minutes until my break without said soup.
EDIT : I have had the soup and the soup was good (yea verily). It lived up to my craving expectations. Probably because I scooped out most of the croutons and the creepy freeze-dried corn kernals.

2. Sometimes I get a frisson of fear (allllliteration) about moving to London. I checked with Craig and he gets the same thing too. Luckily never really at the same time so the fear gets cancelled out. But the fear is about doing something totally new, living somewhere totally new, getting a job that is not in the food service industry or in a call centre. And the fear is eclipsed by excitement naturellement. (oh! proximity to Paris! I am too too excited)

3. I think I have, in a very loose, hypochondriac-al way, Anomic Aphasia (Anomic Aphasia is characterized by an inability to recall proper names and names of objects. Speech is fluent and grammatical.) because I seem to be completely incapable of saying or writing the word Burrito without very specifically thinking about it. And just to be annoying, it is one of our favourite meals.

As such at least once a week we have a conversation which goes :
Sarah : Hey babylove! what d'you want to have for dinner?
Craig : I don't know, what do you want?
Sarah : I was thinking enchil-FUCK! burritos.

or, in this also very common scenario, Craig is much more amused
Sarah : Hey babylove! what d'you want to have for dinner?
Craig : I don't know, what do you want?
Sarah : I was thinking enchiladas.
Craig : enchiladas?
Sarah : yea ... oh damnitall. Burritos.

In fact, a couple of months ago Craig and I were in the supermarket and we were approaching the mexican-food section, so I was getting ready and preparing myself to say Burritos ...
Sarah : ooh, get enchilada mix
Craig : ok
(See, he hears me say it so often that sometimes he'll ignore it.)
At this point I'm looking at Craig and waiting for him to acknowledge how for once I said... the right ...
Sarah : oh fuck! I said it again didn't I!?
I completely didn't notice. I thought I'd said Burritos.


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