Thursday, January 01, 2009

Two Thousand and Nine ...

A new year, a new leaf.

2008 was not the best year for my little Darling family.
It involved dreams put on hold, disappointments, far too much materialism, moving back to New Zealand, and, for me at least, a constant struggle to stay afloat.

But truly? I am blessed. Craig and I are stronger than ever. I have found a city where the daily walk to work can make me grin like a lunatic. I have goals to work for, personally and professionally. I see inspiration more clearly and I am excited for the year(s!) to come.

2009 is the year of words and photographs, tattoos and travel. Applying for visas and living with our fingers crossed. Backpacking around Europe, Christmas in London, New Years (one year from today) in Edinburgh. Perhaps trips to Tokyo or Hong Kong, Bruges, and Iceland.

In 2009 I am excited about planning for 2010.
Sitting in a cafe with Sir C and discussing our life in London. Our trips for 2009 and how to achieve our goals for 2010. Olympics and intense round-the-world travel. Celebrating a decade of S&C the relationship with a luxury trip to Hawaii, and a family reunion at Christmas-time.

The future is a wonderful thing.

BUT! Capital letters, exclamation point. 2009 will be our year, the beginning, I can feel it in the wind.

My Moustace Necklace

My Darling Resolutions

x Project 365 lives anew!
In 2008 I kept it up until about September (I know!) but barely ever posted the photos. In 2009 I will post My Week In Photos every Sunday evening.
x Project 52, take 2, electric boogaloo.
I will try and include a self-portrait in each Sunday-Summation.
x Hmm. Name to be decided!
Every Wednesday (or Monday, I haven't decided!) I will profile an online store or an online item that I lovelovelove but cannot purchase. This will be torture but Mummy-Darling has been wanting me to fill her in on how I can shop so much online. Through this medium I shall introduce her to the wonder of Etsy,

And finally, personally, my own little darling resolutions

x Celebrate my wedding anniversary. In 2008 it was spent in LAX which was simply depressing.
x Acquire at least two new tattoos before June 15th 2009 and hopefully 3 by December 31st 2009.
x PhotoBooks! In 2008 I did print photos, and the photo mobile in the upstairs lounge is one of my treasures but I want photo books of our travels.
x Christmas 2009 will be spent in London. WILL.
x Dress up more! I am already over-dressed for the Hutt Valley but who cares?
x Quality over quantity. 2009 will be the year where I try to curb my expenditure. If Craig and I are hoping to BOTH move back to London AND spend a month backpacking (ish) around Europe then we need to save a serious amount of money.
x (as always ...) Try to be happier.

P.s. I did take the moustaches and they were a big hit.

New Year's Eve 2008

New Year's Eve 2008

New Year's Eve 2008

New Year's Eve 2008

New Year's Eve 2008

The real moustaches

New Year's Eve 2008

Moustache Remnants.

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