Thursday, February 05, 2009

Oh Darling Hearts

Stephanie Simek

In September 2007, Sir C declared that I was crazier than usual. I had bought a necklace made with human hair and he felt it was just tootoo crazy. I had moved beyond charmingly-eccentric-(but don't trust her with knives) to flat out Crazy with a capital C.

And then he saw it. And found me charming all over again.

Eyelashes & Tears by Stephanie Simek

A little closed eye with pearlescent tears.

I don't remember where I first came across the work of Stephanie Simek, I think it was through the lovely Kris Atomic who wore Simek's closed eyes necklace and I fell deeply in lust with it.


$38 USD

There is scant information out there about Stephanie Simek, she is based in the US, her jewellery has been featured on blogs and magazines from around the world, and uhh … did I mention she is based in the US?

I like that she's a woman of mystery!

In my mind her bio is as follows:

Stephanie Simek lives in a little cottage halfway between the city and the country. Close enough to walk to her favourite coffee shop to sit and watch the world go by, but equally close to walk to her favourite fields and forests where she explores with her bunny friends and gathers treasures and inspiration.

She works frantically in her sunny studio, at a desk below the window facing the field behind her house, the setting sun is golden as it pours through the window, her fingers glow golden as they fly through her work, a twig is caught in her russet hair, and a cat winds around her ankles.

Stephanie Simek uses unusual materials in her jewellery, human hair, egg shells, pussywillow, things from nature which we can see as beautiful but which don't end up worn as adornment all that often. I love that she is slowly rectifying that.

These are a few of my favourite things*:


$175 USD

A Quail's egg shell glows from within. Lined with 23K gold leaf and coated in plastic for strength.

I love how delicate it looks, and the gold brings out the warm beige & brown tones of the Quail egg.


$95 USD

Powder Necklace - a pearlised Turbo Cinereus shell (approx 1 inch in diameter) has tiny holes drilled into the bottom of it. Using the teeny little silver funnel attached to the clasp, it can be filled with sparkling silver mineral cosmetic powder (or the powder of your choice!) so that, when tapped, the little shell sprinkles a light dusting of sparkling silver on the wearer's chest.


I lovelovelove this idea, and I think the shell itself is beautiful, but I cannot for the life of me bear to wear sparkly lipstick because I hate ending up with random sparkles across my face. I imagine that I would be just as frustrated by this necklace. Sigh.


$125 USD

Pussy Willow Earrings! They look like soft little bunny feet!

But the item that sent my heart a-flutter and necessitated this post was this:


285 USD

Milk & Honey Necklace

A golden honeycomb beeswax pendant (encase in plastic) with a chain, interwoven with a milk protein based fibre.

AMAZING. I love the golden colour and the milk fibre? an inspired touch to create a themed necklace.

I do think, perhaps, eventually, maybe, someday, I might need to add another eyelash necklace to my collection. I adore the one I currently own but I don't wear it as often as I could/should because I am terrified of breaking it. And, at $30 - $40 USD they are so well priced for intricate jewellery from an independent designer.

Eyelash necklace with pearl tears

(an ooooold photo)

p.s. She also has the most beautiful handwriting

My name

Stephanie Simek!

*Yes, intentional the Sound of Music reference.

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