Sunday, February 01, 2009

Week Five

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Day's Bay, from the water.
After another all day rehearsal, Kat and I went to Day's Bay and stood in the water. Dreaming of the beach-worthy day we'd missed.

Monday: Advertising at work
I ignored my better judgement (I HAVE TO DRESS LIKE A FARMER!!) and advertised my play at work.

Tuesday: Fairy Lights or I almost forgot the photo
Fairy Lights outside our backyard. Or perhaps I just almost forgot to take a photo.

Wednesday: Wellington Architecture
A beautiful afternoon. Showcasing Wellington's architecture.

Thursday: Speed Chess
Speed Chess. A hippie girl and a stylish guy playing speed chess to music. She was playing free speed chess to raise money to go to Madagascar to be with her dying mother. Or to see the trees. Either way, I gave her money before I took the photo.

Friday: Beehive Chocolate
Went on the staff tour of Parliament and we were given a chocolate shaped like the Beehive. It tasted horrible.

Saturday: Reading a book instead of learning lines. Oops.
I should have been going over my lines but I couldn't stop reading Rockabye.


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