Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Today was a no good, very bad day ...


Sometimes, the universe is amazing and sends things your way which help keep your life in perspective.

Today it kept me going through work even though I felt like a zombie. Seriously, without the urge to eat brains but unable to form complex sentences and stumbling about the place.


p.s. Don't panic. I'm not in the grips of some deathly palsy, I'm simply lacking on sleep this week (I can't seem to catch up with myself) and, with rehearsals for the play almost in freefall before opening night (THIRTEEN DAYS!! (get your tickets now! 0832 77790!)) on top of the steep learning curve in my new job (why didn't I ever pay attention to the workings of the New Zealand Government??) I am left with scant brain cells to do the important things like staying upright and sentient unless on stage or at my desk.

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