Monday, March 02, 2009

She's Aliiiiive!

Manson Cat

This is Tiffany, aka MansonCat, the kitten (as Cat) who invaded my dreams with images of pale, pale, washed out eyes.

Marilyn Manson eyes!

Shortly after this post and weeks after Tiffany had started using my bed as her sickbed, Mummy-Darling deigned to inform me that Tiffany actually had some kitten strain of the herpes virus. And that it can leap from animals to human.
My dream could (could!) have become a reality.

After a road trip to Palmerston North, an operation including pig intestine (they replaced part of her eye with pig-parts), and a few more weeks recuperation ...


Our mansoncat is not only longer Kosher ...


but is now officially our darling FrankenKitty!




This post might just be an excuse for more kitten-and-a-mirror pictures.


Do you blame me?

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