Tuesday, March 03, 2009


It only took 48 days but Craig and I finally bought each other anniversary presents.

Our matching tattoos!

The Crown of King George the Fifth, from the near-ubiquitous poster:

??? by Olly Moss
(by Olly Moss)

Uhh ... not exactly. This one:


We decided on the crown because ... well. Let's put it in a list!
1. We wanted to get matching tattoos
2. I think that getting names or dates or faces or anything obvious tattooed in regards to a relationship could (and in my case probably would) jinx it
3. We wanted something related to London or England, because of the time we've spent there together.
4. We liked the crown!
5. Keep calm and carry on is a good thing to keep in mind when dealing with the British Immigration Association. And life in general.

Nervous Cricket Face

I woke up making my nervous cricket face.
It was my second tattoo and yet, the face, the face! Good Lord.**

Black Power? No, just the last look at my bare forearmA last look at his bare forearm
the last look at our bare forearms***.

Done!! Adoration Abounds

My big bad husband is scared of my camera. So the first photo of my tattoo is this one.
All done.

Getting a V while they set up for Craig's tattoo

We sat by the most pathetic park in Wellington (well, almost) and I drank a V (and was not crotchety, I swear!) while we waited for Michelle to set up for Craig's tattoo.

And then ...

Getting started on Craig's first tattoo

I like that Craig wore his fake tattoo t-shirt to get his first real tattoo.

First line!

Waiting around.

Craig getting tattooed

(Michelle from TattooFreaky.com)

Colourful inks

Looking calm while getting tattooed

Don't let his bravado fool you. He cried like a little girl.

Michelle & Craig's Tattoo

Okay, okay, he didn't cry or flinch or anything.
But I did well too! I was actually able to maintain steady conversation while getting tattoo-ed and I could even bare to watch it. I did need Craig to squeeze my free hand however but still! I did very well! Exclamation!

Craig post-tattoo

Craig's Crown

Checking out my tattoo

(I made that cowl/scarf I'm wearing)

Sarah-Rose post-tattoo

Why I chose the crown?
C! Cupcake, Crown, Craig!

My tattooos

Uhh ... they are even. I swear. My elbows aren't lined up properly.

Jesus pose? No, just showing both my tattoos

Cupcake by Everyday is a Holiday
(by Everyday is a Holiday)

Adoration Abounds

My tattoo - close up

* The poster was created by someone in the Home Office in 1939 and was to be posted around London during the war. It wasn't. But it was found years later and well, then the internet happened.
** Aly impression!
*** I regret looking like a black power member.


  1. YAY YAY YAY! I love them! They are gorgeous. Me & Reece intended to get matching tattoos the day after our wedding- a year and a half in, we still haven't! Haha, we can't decide on something we both like..or, that is, he refuses to like anything I do ;)

  2. You guys are so awesome and brave. They look great!

    (And you are the cutest black power member ever.)

  3. Em - Oh dear! it did take Craig and I about 3 years to decide on something we did like, and then we waited at least a year to check we still liked the idea as well!

    Kat - thank you! I looooove them. And I did feel pretty brave, but did have to practice some deep breathing cause I'm still a wimp. (Hee)

  4. Chick they look AMAZONG!

    So totally jealous.

    And I love that I didnt have to scroll down more than half the page for an 'Aly impression'

    I miss you.


  5. Crown tattoos RULE! (http://www.alreadypretty.com/2009/04/sf-recap-story.html) Yours look fantabulous, cuties!

  6. Ohmygod, these tattoos are awesome! Just came across your blog and already know I'm going to like it.....